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Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Source: 圖書館
Date: 2015/6/17

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The library consists of three departments, i.e. acquisitions department, collection & circulation department, and information services department. The library committee, comprising of faculty representatives from each of the academic departments, assists the library service in expansion and development.
The acquisitions department:
1. Library material acquisition, gift, and exchange.
2. Cataloging, and classification of both Chinese and Western books and non-book materials.
3. Budget control.
The collection & circulation department:
1. Library resources collection and circulation.
2. Reference service.
3. Library tours and resource instruction.
4. Interlibrary loan services.
The information services department:
1. Development and operation of library information service systems (library automation system, web portal, federated search system).
2. Management of library Intranet and entrance guard system.
3. Management of library information facilities.